We live and breathe seriously good food and drink!

Ryan and Amy bring together their skill sets of creative digital marketing and design, alongside hands-on experience of the food and drinks industry.

Amy founded and set up Redwell Brewery back in 2013 and Ryan also launched his own Digital Marketing Agency Eastworks in 2013.  Their skill sets, knowledge and creative team focus on the full mix of marketing for food and drinks brands of all different shapes and sizes.

What makes Swig different?

With a little black book of industry connections and friends made over the years, it’s more than just marketing.  So whether it’s export consultants, raw ingredients suppliers, sustainable packaging experts or other connections in trade and retail, our clients benefit from these contacts.

Swig has tasted the trends seen the brands come and go and understand the sector.

Meet the team at Swig

Ryan Nesbitt

Ryan Nesbitt


Starting his career in corporate telecoms, and with a gifted eye for design and a marketing mind, Ryan ‘s path led him into digital marketing working for a Google global partner in London. In 2013 Ryan went on to set up his own digital marketing agency working with national and international brands.

If you could go on holiday with any chef, who would it be?

Rick Stein! Not only for his passion and knowledge of seafood but the simplicity and freshness of the ingredients he uses.

Last night before lockdown, you have one drink to savour in your favourite bar, what is it?

I’d have to say a ‘properly made’ whisky sour. Not easy to find a decent one nowadays, but when they are well made, they’re hard to beat.

What’s your favourite food and drink pairing?

Sea-bass with a cool and crisp Muscadet. Especially in the summer.

The best place you’ve ever enjoyed a drink?

Sitting on a mountain top in Cape Town with my cousins, watching the sunset with a cooler box of cold beers. Simply mesmerising.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Recently, the full works at Five Guys, with a proper thick shake!

Best ever food experience?

Lobster teriyaki on the 30th floor of a 5-star Tokyo hotel with our own chef, overlooking the city at night. A treat in every sense.

Describe Amy in 3 words…

Caring, healthy, free-spirited

Amy Hancock

Amy Hancock


Since 2007 Amy has been entrenched in the industry, experiencing the highs and the lows, working with handcrafted spirit and beer brands. Whilst keeping her finger on the pulse, she’s cultivated a strong understanding of the industry and built an enviable network of contacts and friends.

If you could go on holiday with any chef who would it be?

I’d have to take the Bosh boys and live life on the veg!

Last night before lockdown, you have one drink to savour in your favourite bar?

I missed the taste and feel of a fresh, clean pint of draught beer. I’d nurse a citra heavy extra pale ale and savour every sip!

What’s your favourite food and drink pairing?

A dark chocolate indulgent brownie with a stout, something like Wild Beer’s salted caramel chocolate milk stout. Decadent and extreme!

The best place you have ever enjoyed a drink?

Nothing beats drinks on a Norfolk beach at sunset with friends.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Oh God! Probably a filthy vegan burger or ice cream with peanut butter! Don’t judge me!

Best ever food experience?

Vegan tasting menu at Richard Bainbridges St Benedict’s restaurant in Norwich, honestly, it really blew my mind!

Describe Ryan in 3 words…

Big-heart, software-obsessed, creative (couldn’t do 3 words)

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